Goggles were the first Steampunk item that I created from the leftover bar stuff.
Most are created with wine bottles, some are other found bottles.
Goggles Purple 3

Ultra Violet filtering lens allows the wearer to see stress points in steam chambers when paired with an ultraviolet carbon arc lamp. Unfortunately the last of these lamps hasn’t been seen for at least 100 years. You can purchase these on etsy.com


Goggles Pink Hearts 2

Pink leather punched with hearts to reveal a black body. Perfect for when your wearing pink pumps and that little black Victorian style dress.

Goggles Orange 2

The ultimate beer goggles. Nothing looks normal through these goggles. Instantly witness the world as if you’ve just consumed a six pack without the liver damage. You can purchase these on etsy.com


Goggles Blue Electric 1


This is the Electric Blue. The latest styling that is not only stylish*, but will protect** your eyes from that wicked Tesla coil you’ve been constructing in your basement. You can purchase these on etsy.com

*Ground strap required.
**Ground strap not included.


Goggles Blue Bell 1

The illustrious Blue Bell. Great for that Telephone repairman in your life. Can you guess where the name comes from? You can purchase these on etsy.com

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